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About us


KUNEN keukencentrum was established in Paramaribo, Suriname in 2005. The company was founded by Jan Kunen who emigrated there from Rotterdam in 2004 with the aim of setting up an innovative company. In addition to our factory in Suriname and to guarantee and optimize the continuity of our business operation and quality we opened a new plant in the Netherlands 2016. The plant in the Netherlands allows us to serve markets in the Caribbean and Europe. Now after all these successful years that we’ve developed ourselves in different areas of our branch and also have the right resources to operate and provide our services from Suriname, we now decided to expand further in the Caribbean.

In the development of the product Kunen himself faced many challenges. Suriname’s tropical climate has a disastrous effect on materials kitchens are usually made of. The most important questions were: which materials and which kitchen interior should be used to withstand the capriciousness of this South American climate. Forced by these circumstances Kunen experimented not only with many types of board material and different brands of cabinet interior but also different brands of kitchen appliances.

Eventually, a product was developed that is a fusion of European styles and custom-made innovative ideas. A large part of the kitchen, for example the cupboards, are made of the best water-resistant medium-density fiberboard (MDF), finished with a countertop of your choice and high-quality modern kitchen appliances, which leave a luxurious atmosphere in the kitchen. Even the different brands of appliances have had to pass the litmus test. The end result is a product with a combination of materials and appliances that can withstand all weather conditions and also has a beautiful appearance that suits today's exclusive interiors. KUNEN Interior Caribbean wants to share this wonderful result with the rest of the world.

Our method

We work exclusively with moisture-resistant panels. Practice has taught us that moisture problems (such as swelling of the cabinets occur more often in a kitchen and are greatly reduced when moisture-resistant panels are used. As a result, the kitchen is not only more moisture resistant but also stronger and more durable.

At KUNEN Interior Caribbean you can choose any cabinet interior you like. We can make your choice in any size or model, because we do not work with standardized sizes or models. You have the complete freedom and can create a kitchen according to your dreams without restrictions. We provide expert advice and naturally brainstorm with you during this process. Because of our versatility, we can make any model, design and color, allowing us to supply you not only with a product to suit your requirements, but also with a high level of quality.

KUNEN Interior Caribbean puts your wishes first. You are absolutely free in your choice of materials including stainless steel, tropical hardwood, the insides and layout of the cabinets as well as the equipment. Our staff will discuss with you the various materials used in our furniture so that you can make conscious choices when putting together your kitchen.

In these considerations we find it most important to give you an insight into the possible finishes such as with varnish or paint or HPL(High Pressure Laminate), which drawer guides and hinges fit in your kitchen, which appliances do you prefer in combination with the right price/quality ratio. We help you turn your ideas into a design that is fully tailored to your specific needs. At KUNEN Interior Caribbean we understand that everyone wants an exclusive but also user-friendly kitchen.