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Instead of simple chipboard and ordinary MDF, KUNEN Interior Caribbean uses moisture-resistant MDF. We use a compact moisture resistant MDF board for interior applications. It is a high quality, high density MDF board. The surface of the boards is exceptionally well compacted and have a high sanding quality. The so-called green-coloured boards have a high resistance to moisture and moisture fluctuations.

The side walls of the cabinets are made of 18mm moisture resistant MDF board. And on request we can make laminated cabinets on both sides with HPL of 0.8mm in any colour. This creates an extra solid wall of 19.6 mm. The rear walls are also covered with HPL on both sides and have a thickness of 10 mm. The rear walls are fitted with ventilation systems developed by Kunen to combat mustiness. The drawer bottoms are built up with a 16mm MDF core. Various colours are optional here as well.

Cabinet interior

Again, there are many suppliers offering various kitchen interiors such as drawers, hinges, corner cupboards, pharmacy cabinets, etc. Many kitchen brands choose a permanent supplier because this logically fits in well with the standardized production processes in the factory. KUNEN Interior Caribbean is not bound by standardized processes, we also enable you as our customer to select your own design and style of the inside of your cupboard that you’ll work with daily. Dimensions of cupboards often vary between brands.

We will inform you about the many possibilities and suppliers that operate in this industry. It is not the sales pitch that determines what is good or bad, but your personal preferences are priority number one. Our approach is based on the possibilities and not the limitations that standardization entails.

Steel or Stainless Steel

KUNEN Interior Caribbean also puts a scoop on the processing of steel in our design furniture. We make frames for tables and bathroom furniture, but also kitchen countertops made of high-grade steel "Made in Holland". Once again, it is up to you as a customer to work with us in developing that piece of furniture and designing it to fit into your home and lifestyle. This can be done for you in a variety of designs of stainless steel or steel in various coated colours. Kunen Keukens & Interieur uses two techniques for his furniture:

The welding of stainless-steel profiles where all attention is given to the level of finishing. The professional setting (bending) of stainless steel so that there are more possibilities in terms of shape and interpretation of your furniture. Again, it is all handcrafted.

In order to make the perfect product for you, we have spent quite some time developing the format in which we produce this furniture, together with experts from both the steel and aircraft industries. This has resulted in a product that meets the highest quality standards.


HPL = High Pressure Laminate has been used for decades in the furniture industry to give cabinets and furniture in the high-end segment an exclusive look, the material offers an extra protective layer. This sheet material consists of a number of different layers. The top layer is a transparent layer made of synthetic resin. Beneath this is the decorative layer in which the colours or structures have been processed to give the whole the desired look. You can think of smooth solid colours, wood structures or fusion. Beneath the decorative layer lies the core of 4 to 10 layers of resin-treated paper. The layers are all compressed under a high pressure and heat. This creates a very strong and hard material.

HPL is a laminate that is widely used in the furniture industry to finish the fronts of cabinets. A wide choice of types and finishes is available here as well.