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At KUNEN Interior Caribbean we develop kitchens that become a fusion of European styles and custom-made innovative ideas. A great part of the kitchen e.g. the cabinets, are made of the best water-resistant medium-density fiberboard (MDF) material, finished with a countertop of your choice and high-quality modern kitchen appliances, that leave a luxurious ambiance in the kitchen. The end result of the furniture is a combination of products that can withstand almost all climate circumstances and also have a beautiful appearance that fits into today's exclusive interior. KUNEN Interior Caribbean wants to share this wonderful result with the rest of the Caribbean.

Walk in Closets

Built-in closets, open or closed wardrobe cabinets, drawers or walk-in closets, cabinets with folding or luxurious sliding doors and custom-made cabinet interiors? KUNEN Interior Caribbean provides you a wide range of solutions for organized storage of all your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Even for the smallest space we can design ideas for clothing / wardrobe closets or walk in closets that’ll give you that feeling of luxury. If you have more space, you can choose from a wide range of clothing storage systems. These cabinets are also made from the same water-resistant material that we use for our kitchen cabinets.

Bathroom vanities

Are you ready for a new bathroom and are you looking for ideas and inspiration? We are also at your service when designing your bathroom vanities. For an orderly and well-arranged bathroom, our bathroom vanities offers different storage options, so that all your large or small items are stored in a well-organized manner. All our products are resistant to the tropical humid climate and of course, our water-resistant MDF material is also extremely suitable for bathroom vanities, which is indeed the most humid area in the house.